Monday, July 16, 2007

Viburnum berries ripening

It looks like all my viburnums set fruit but they're ripening at different rates.

V. trilobum (American cranberrybush) - Partly ripe.

V. dentatum (Arrowwood) - Fully ripe

V. nudum (Possumhaw) - Not even begun to ripen.

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  1. Dear Susan

    My daughter has 3 virbunum plants which she chose not knowing anything about them. She just needed some shrubs to fill in a space. Last fall
    I tasted one of the blue-black berries, and was surprised by it's sweetness. I tried making jelly with them but it would not jell. This year I followed directions I found in a Certo box and still had no luck. But I am persistent and decided to try cooking it a little longer. (after emptying all the bottles back into the pot and washing them again), it became a soft jam instead of a jelly, but it's beautiful. My jelly bag was a lovely burgundy, but as I washed it in cold water the most beautiful blue green dye emerged! It did wash out but anyone that uses dyes should investigate these berries.


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