Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Passionately prolific

I had read that the passion flower vine, passiflora incarnata, is called maypop because it pops up all over the yard. I can attest that this is true and may become a problem. So far the vine swarmed up all over the Carolina silverbell to the point that it was weighing the branches down dangerously. I pulled a bunch of it off the tree and discarded it but there's still plenty left. It has set quite a few blob shaped green fruits. At this unripe stage they have an odd scent, not exactly pleasant or unpleasant. I'll see what they're like when they ripen. I think they're supposed to be popular with squirrels and other critters.

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  1. My neighbor has one... well, she started out with one, and ended up with several. The original plant is in the front yard. Now there are two others in the front, and somehow two plants in the BACK. Yes, I guess they crawled all the way under the house and back out the other side of the house.

    I bought one a couple of months ago but haven't had the time to get it into the ground yet. It's been happy to climb and bloom (3 times) from its nursery pot! Though it doesn't have fruit - I guess you need two plants for that....


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