Thursday, January 10, 2008

Interbay Mulch

Last year I tried a slightly different way of composting the yard waste. Interbay mulching is similar to sheet composting or lasagna gardening. You pile the debris into a long hump a couple of feet high and as logn as you like, then cover it with burlap. This originated in the Pacific NW where empty burlap coffee sacks could be had for the asking. I had a hard time finding burlap but finally tracked down rolls of it at the local farm co-op. The clerk there told me they stock it for the drama students at James Madison University. I criss-crossed cord over it and secured it with tent pegs to keep critters from digging it all up.

A couple of weeks ago I peeled off the burlap which was now pretty well sprouted with weeds. I raked up some lovely, finished black compost and shovelled it into the black compost bins for storage. I'll definitely use this method again but will not do it at the edge of my asparagus bed. It gets way too weedy for that spot.

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  1. The lasagna gardening lady lives here, and I went to one of her lectures (and got her original book for free). I'm sort of trying it, but without all the formalities.


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