Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Witch Hazel

My witch hazel 'Jelena' is about to bloom. It has never shown more than a couple of flowers but since my neighbor removed the maple tree shading it it's covered with buds. I'll post photos when they open. The flowers are striking, shading from copper to gold. This is not the native hamamelis but is a hybrid of some of the oriental species.


  1. I just found your nice blog and noticed that you also had a picture of 'Jalena'. Mine was taken on the other side of the state. You can see it on my site posted in January.


  2. Ooh, Susan! I've never seen witch hazel this color! I remember the first time I ever saw WH blooming. It was on our old place in Bacon Hollow, and it was November--I couldn't believe my eyes...


  3. Your Jelena is very nice. I recently visited a local botanic garden featuring five different varieties - none of them were like Jelena. However, I found Arnold Promise and Diane to be very beautiful and the scent was delicious. Thank you for sharing!


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