Monday, March 24, 2008


The Virginia bluebells are up in the front bed in front of the oakleaf hydrangeas.

Last year I started some heuchera from seed and planted them out in front of the bluebells. They made it through the winter but the bronzy leaves disappeared into the mulch when I tried to photograph them.


  1. Susan -

    Do you like your american holly hedge? I live in Chicago and am looking for a hedge plant for my backyard.
    You can answer me here on your blog and I'll check it later.

    Thanks, Sue from Chicago

  2. Sue,
    I love American holly but remember it will eventually grow 30 - 50 feet. I have heard of Maryland Dwarf, a low growing and spreading cultivar but have never grown it. I'm not sure if they're hardy enough for Chicago. Do you specifically want an evergreen hedge? Winterberry holly, Ilex verticillata, is a deciduous holly that is great for hedges.


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