Friday, December 19, 2008


I have one huge old apple tree in my back yard and have planted a variety of smaller fruit trees. The apple kept growing out and over the porch roof, threatening to damage the shingles and clogging the gutter.
Last summer the peach tree was so loaded with peaches the weight nearly tore it apart. I had an arborist come out to see if my storm-damaged elm could be saved and had him give me an estimate on pruning everything that needed it. They came yesterday and I took the morning off to watch and try to learn. He was great about explaining what he was doing and encouraged me to give it a try on the smaller trees next year. I have a couple of books on pruning but had remained pretty timid about it. It really helped to see a live human perform on live trees.

After Pruning shots

Peach tree
From TTH200812

Apple tree

From TTH200812

From TTH200812

The tree guys cut up the big branches for me so I now have three baskets of applewood chunks for smoking. I think they give the best flavor of any smoking wood.

From TTH200812

My old electric smoker finally burnt out with a bang and a shower of sparks. I bought this cabinet style smoker to replace it. I have an irrational fear of propane that dates back to Girl Scout camp and old Coleman stoves and lanterns which were notorious for blowing up in your face. Maybe next summer I will get up my nerve to buy a gas canister and try the smoker.

From TTH200812

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