Wednesday, March 10, 2010

While we wait for spring

There's nothing blooming in my yard yet so while we wait, take a look at David Schwinler's pictures of flowers. The site has interesting notes and lovely photos.


  1. I live in a townhouse in Northern VA. Our yard is VERY small and shady but I would love to use it to grow edible things along with flowers.

    My main problem is that the previous owner planted a japanese maple in the center of the backyard and it is taking over the whole yard and the only part that gets sun.

    We have been told that these trees are very valuable and it truly is a beautiful tree. Just put in a yard way to small to do it justice.

    We hate to chop it down. But it is really taking over the entire backyard.

    Any comment?

  2. Thanks for sharing the link of David Schwinler's pictures of flowers. True enough, there are plenty of photo collection of beautiful and lovely flowers on that site.


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