Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sighting spring

After this unusually cold and snowy winter there are signs that spring is on its way.

The varmints have emerged from hibernation. The hospital grounds where I work are overrun with ground hogs the size of basset hounds. There are dead skunks all over the roads.

But best of all, I looked out the kitchen window while I was fixing dinner and saw bits of green. I went out and sure enough, where the snow has melted from the long bed along the fence there are daffodil noses up out of the ground! It was already dusk so I didn't try to get a photo but I will soon.


  1. Boy... when I think "signs of spring" I sure do prefer daffodil noses to skunk roadkill. Haha!

  2. Me too, but after the winter we've had I'll take any signs I can get!

  3. Hi, Susan. I followed your link from Gardenweb. I love your snow pictures, but I'm pleased that I did not have the opportunity to take some of my own. (Snow is not a good thing in Florida)



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