Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Shed

Here it is in all it's concrete floored, vinyl sided, non-leaky roofed glory. I moved in here in 2001 and the shed needed replacing then. It never rose to the top of the priority list because there was always something more important and because I knew this was going to be a big job. There isn't enough clear space at either side of the yard to have a ready made shed hauled in and I knew I was going to need the old one taken down, the cracked concrete dug up and a new foundation poured before building could begin. I had one picked out at Lowes but they and their installers aggravated the life out of me and I ended up calling the contractor who has done all the previous work on my house. This is the shed that Burt built.

From TTH200811

From TTH200811

Inside it has shelves all along one wall. I'm going to add hangers for the tall garden tools. There's even room for the garden cart.
From TTH200811

From TTH200811

Behind the shed
I had them build me a canoe rack so I could finally get it up off the ground. I can't tell you how many times I've had to drag it around the yard to get it out of the way of garden projects.
From TTH200811

The new cart tracks to the back yard:
From TTH200811

The contractors used a front end loader thing to move materials to the back yard. There was some inevitable damage to the lawn. I have some grass seed to sow if it ever rains around here again.

I don't seem to have many pictures of the old shed, probably because it had become such an embarrassment. Here's a shot from last winter that includes the tarp I had to stretch over the roof. The big spruce had knocked a hole in the roof so I nailed up plywood from inside and the tarp outside. Not pretty but it got me through one last winter. Do note the door hanging on my a shred. I tried screwing the hinges back on but the wood was so punky they wouldn't hold.

From First snow of 2008

The new shed is 12 by 12 feet, much bigger than the old one. The mower and garden cart fit nicely. It has floor to ceiling shelves along one wall and I was able to move all the garden clutter off the back porch, making it much more habitable.

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