Friday, June 4, 2010

Wildflower meadow 2010

Here is what it looks like at the end of winter:

From TTH20100531

From TTH20100531

Ideally you burn off the old vegetation but I live in a town where the neighbors and Fire Department would look askance, nay have a conniption fit, if I set fire to the backyard.

I tried an ordinary gas powered string trimmer and it could not cope. It didn't even make a dent in the tough stalks.

This is what I need:
DR String Trimmer
But alas, I lack the $500 to $700 for it and couldn't justify the cost anyway. I used to have one but lost custody in the divorce.

This is what I have:

De-thatching rake

It got the job done but it was a brutal job. I dragged at the stalks with the rake and periodically hacked with a machete, loaded it all onto a tarp and dragged it to the curb.

April 10

From TTH20100531

May 29
From TTH20100531

Mostly Penstemon in bloom
From TTH20100531

Bumblebees love Penstemon. I watched them burrow deep into a flower, back out and bumble on the the next.
From TTH20100531

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